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BRIDES – UPDATED ON 2012/09/09

About 5, 28, Govi Bodu worked as a Scientist, now an executive in Colombo. Biotechnology BSc with a 1st class completing MSc. Graduate mother from a very respectable family from Southern privince seeks academically and professionally qualified partner for her daughter. Engineers, Doctors Software Engineers, Accountants, Administrative Officers and graduates preferred. She is smart, cute, and fluent in English. Owns fully furnished modern two story house and other assets. Kuja Shani 5th house. E-mail:

Above 5’1” age 35+ slim, pretty, academically professionally qualified Software Engineer following Buddhist way of life owns property and car. Buddhist, Govi parents seek suitable partner below 42 years. Reply with horoscope.

Academically and professionally qualified fair and handsome son below 33, is sought by Govi / Buddhist professional parents for their daughter, 28+ fair and very pretty slim 5.3, B.Sc Scientist working in Melbourne Australia. Kuja in 8th house. Reply with horoscope and family details to

Academically and professionally qualified partner with Buddhist values is sought by Govi, Buddhist parents for their academically and professionally qualified only daughter (35 yrs), currently working abroad as a Senior Manager drawing a six-figure salary and also studying for a MSc. As the only child she inherits a car and a house in the Colombo suburbs. Please reply with horoscope and relevant details (E-mail :

Academically and professionally qualified son is sought by G/B parents for their slim fair pretty daughter 35 years 5’2” currently working as a private English teacher. Legally separated from marriage conformed to signature. Willing to migrate after marriage. Please reply with family details- /0373879692

Academically professionally qualified partner around 40 is sought by B/K/G parents for pretty qualified Executive in an international bank, born in 1977, 5’1”, owns a furnished house in Colombo and a new car. Migrating possible to U.S. through relatives.

Academically / professionally qualified established partner sought for attractive accomplished daughter, Company Director and Lecturer 42, 5’1” English essential. Differences considered. Write with full details. E-mail:

Academically / professionally qualified partner from a respectable family sought by S/B/G parents for their pretty 30 years, 5’4” height, Australian PR holder Chartered Accountant daughter, legally separated from a 3 months marriage (No encumbrance). Please reply to

Academically, professionally qualified NS / TT son (preferably Engineer) is sought by B/G professional parents, Colombo suburbs for their daughter, 25, educated at leading school in Colombo, fair, pretty, 5’4”, BSc (Hons.) IT First Class, following Masters Degree, Management Trainee in reputed company, inherits substantial assets. Reply with horoscope and family details. Email :

Affluent GB parents, hope to contact a compatible decent life partner for their ACMA, MBA qualified fair daughter working in reputed company Colombo. 33 y; 5’2”. No malefics. Owns new vehicle, house and other assets. Only brother married to a Medical Doctor well-settled in Australia. Kindly reply with horoscope and contact number. Mail –

Affluent professionally qualified parents engaged in leading Business in Sri Lanka, with all sibilings professionally qualified and living abroad, seek a smart established son, professionally qualified or educated and in business, non-smoker with sober habits. Religion Christian or Buddhist, for their daughter Sri Lankan educated, professionally qualified, well accomplished, gainfully employed abroad, very pretty, slim, very fair, 5 feet 30 years. Willing to relocate. Please respond with family details and HC. Email :

Australian citizen Sinhala Buddhist mother seeks an educated trustworthy partner (Australian citizen / PR only) for her pleasant looking, kind hearted, educated daughter 34 years 5’1” who is divorced from an unsuccessful short marriage (no children) currently studying for her Masters and employed in HR sector. Please reply with a copy of horoscope, photo and family details etc.

A Sinhala Buddhist retired parents in respectable family living in Colombo seek an educationally professionally qualified son for their daughter 35 years qualified in University of Peradeniya (Bachelor of Dental Surgery). She is employed as a Dental Doctor in a government hospital. She draws a handsome salary and enjoys fringe benefits of the department. Brothers and sisters living in Australia and Canada. She owns new car, jewellery and cash deposits. 0112837375, 0112837464. Email:

A suitable partner is sought by brother for his well mannered, simple, smart executive sister in government sector 38+, 5’1’’ with academic and professional qualifications. Willing to migrate if necessary. Differences immaterial. Reply with full details.

A suitable partner is sought by respectable Sinhala parents for Doctor daughter attached to National Hospital Colombo, born in 1976, fair, pretty, height 5’4”, divorced after brief marriage. She inheirts substantial assets. Email:

A suitable partner preferably living in USA with sober habits and excellent character, who is well educated and employed is sought by Sinhala Catholic parents living with daughter in USA. Our daughter, who is 27 years, 5’3’’, pretty, fair & slim with excellent character, holds a bachelor degree and employed in a prestigious company in USA. Responses from partners living in Canada & UK will also be acknowledged. Differences of religion (Buddhist) considered. Please E-mail responses to

A well qualified partner preferably employed in Australia / NZ with cultured values from a respectable Sinhala Buddhist family sought by a B/G family in Australia for their academically and professionally qualified, employed daughter 30 years well-mannered smart slim attractive with an excellent character owns a house and assets in Australia. Caste immaterial. Reply with horoscope and contact numbers. E-mail:

BG parents seek for slim pretty daughter 32, 5’4” studied leading Colombo girls’ school BSc London MBA UK house and property. Brother in Australia.

Bodu Govi, respectable parents seek a well disciplined handsome and humble son, for their only younger daughter fair, pleasant looking slim, charming, UK qualified MBBS doctor 5’4” height aged 24, currently working in the UK, brought up in traditional, Sinhala, Buddhist environment. Engineers, Doctors are preferred. (Below 29 yrs). Reply with horoscope, family details and contact number. email –

Brother seeks a suitable partner for his sister 36 years old (born January 1976) never married, tall (5’6’’), religious, very fair in complexion and working as an Air hostess at a reputed Airline. Willing to migrate. She has two brothers and one sister who are well settled. Father is a retired Bank Officer, mother deceased. We are a simple middle class Sinhala Buddhist Govigama family from Colombo suburbs. Reply with horoscope. E-mail:

Buddhist Govigama well respected family in Colombo seek professionally qualified kind well mannered partner for their accomplished employed graduate daughter 31 years, 5’3” ht. Reply with H/C. Email :

Buddhist parents seek a suitable partner for their daughter 29, 5’6” fair slim English teacher. Race caste immaterial. Non-Buddhists with religious tolerance may be considered.

Buddhist son, 29-33 yrs, teetotaller academically / professionally qualified and working in Colombo sought for 28 yr. old, 5’3” fair, pleasant daughter from well respected family. She is academically and professionally qualified and works for reputed company, in Colombo. Both parents and brother professionals. Caste immaterial. Malefic horoscope. Please reply with all details and horoscope. Email :

B/K parents seek bachelor professional between 36 and 43 for English educated employed very pretty daughter.

Catholic parents in USA citizens seek kind educated partner for their pretty fair daughter 30, 5’6” professional and well-employed prefer from USA. Religion immaterial. Please reply with full details. Email –

Catholic parents seek a partner for their eldest daughter, 25, 5’7” employed at a Bank as a Deputy Manager. Only those employed in UK should apply.

Colombo Buddhist / Deva respectable family seeks an educated, well-mannered son for pleasant, well-mannered, professional daughter 36, 5’6” employed in reputed bank, divorced from a brief proposed marriage without encumbrances. Inherits substantial assets. Reply with details, horoscope and contact numbers. e-mail:

Colombo B/G parents seek suitable partner for 27 year old slim fair pretty 5’4” bio-Medical Engineer daughter educated at Musaeus and the USA presently working in Sri Lanka and inheriting property and assets worth millions. Email :

Colombo B/G/K parents seek educated suitable partner for their daughter 5’3’’ height fair 35 years working as an Administrator in a leading company in Dubai studied at leading girls school in Colombo. Reply with horoscope. E-mail:

Colombo district Buddhist Karawa respectable parents seek a suitable partner for their 34+, 5’2’’ (young looking) pretty slim MBA graduate lecturer daughter. Caste immaterial. Those living / employed abroad also considered. Reply with horoscope. E-mail:

Govigama Catholic 34 yrs 5’3’’ fair MSc, ACMA Assistant Director in a State Ministry. Parents seek a suitable partner. Substantial assets available. Please send family details with contact number.

Govigama, Catholic Christian parents seek a professionally qualified partner (who lives in Canada or other countries willing to migrate to Canada) for their 23 year old daughter a registered Nurse BSc (nursing) working in Government Service. E-mail:

Govi Buddhist parents seek a professionally qualified partner for their daughter 26 yrs 5’1’’ pleasant looking. Working as a partner secretary in a Global Firm. Reply with H’cope. Tel: 011 5016176.

Govi parents seek Christian or Catholic partner for fair and pretty daughter 38 with unblemished character presently working in a global company in Singapore as strategic Manager. She is IT graduate with MSc in Management (Singapore) owns apartment in Singapore and inherits another in Colombo 7. Apply Tel: 2741046.

G/B upper middle class parents living in Colombo suburbs looking for a kind-hearted, well mannered son who is academically & professionally employed fluent in English and well-built height above 5’10” and age below 31 yrs. for their well accomplished only daughter 26 yrs. of age 5’8” tall academically and professionally qualified and employed. Please reply with family details and horoscope to

G/Kandyan/Buddhist parents living and working in Australia seek a professionally qualified partner below 36 yrs for their daughter 32 yrs, 5’, fair, pretty, religious and caring. She is working as an Engineering Specialist in Melbourne, owns properties in Australia and Sri Lanka. A suitable person should send in family details with a copy of his horoscope to indrani5@hotmail.comA person working in Melbourne Australia is preferred. Tel: (08) 82622892.

High Level professional parents, G/B, seek suitable partner for their daughter age 41, never married, height 5’2″, medium complexion, slim, young-looking, pleasing personality, highly qualified with PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Green Card holder, presently attached to a leading University in Medical Research in USA. Horoscope essential. E-mail: Tel: 011-2933682 after 8 p.m. B26705

Jaffna Tamil Christian Vellalar high caste parents living in Australia seek an academically / professionally qualified partner, 34-39 years with sober habits living in Australia or in U.K. for their well employed professionally qualified daughter, fair, pretty, slim, 5’3”. Please reply to

Kandyan Buddhist govi middleclass parent seek educated, wellmannerd son for their elder daughter 24, 5’4”. Has done BEng(Hons) Electronics and Communication (Private University) and she is planning to go abroad to do higher studies. email

Kandy B/G retired state bank higher officer seeks partner for fair slim pretty daughter 29 yrs 5’ employed in a bank. English speaking, banking exams completed. Reply with family details horoscope. Tel 081-2219014 call after 7pm

Karawa Buddhist retired parents (father ex-Banker) seek a professionally qualified partner for 24+ yrs 5’5’’ slim fair pleasant daughter employed as Admin. Executive in a leading Global Firm, final year BSc NIBM. Reply with H’cope. Govigama considered. 038 2237938.

Malay parents seek for daughter 24 years fair 5’4’’ height Bank employee, suitable partner. Contact:

Moor brother seeks honest, religious well mannered, professional groom living and working in USA/UK/Canada/Australia for his divorced sister with no kids, aged 36, 5’3’’, fair and beautiful. She is a diploma holder and willing to migrate. Owns luxury house in Colombo 6, worth 40 million & other assets. We are a respectable & well connected family.

Moor parents seek professionally qualified partner below 30 yrs. for their only daughter professionally qualified, 25 yrs. 5’2” smart, religious and inherits family property including house and land. Cont:- 011 7220446.

Mother seeks a smart professionally qualified partner for her pleasant B/G 5’3” tall daughter born December 1973 Management Graduate in senior managerial position. Inherits substantial assets. Reply with details & horoscope. Email:

Mother seeks professionally qualified partner for daughter 5’4’’ 38 yrs fair pretty Doctor in USA.

Professionally qualified partner is sought by G/B father for his 5’2” slim attractive daughter born in 1972. B.Sc (MIS) graduate, employed at a leading IT company as a Software Engineer. Reply with horoscope. E-mail:

Professionally qualified well mannered partner, preferably a Doctor, sought by Buddhist Govigama parents, for their smart professionally employed daughter, 31 years, 5’3” with substantial assets. Reply with family details plus H/C.

Respectable Govi Buddhist parents residing in Australia (father Doctor) seek a suitable professionally qualified partner for their only daughter aged 24 yrs, with LL.B & B.Com Double Degrees from University of Melbourne. Younger brother undergraduate. Please reply with horoscope, all the family details and contact numbers. E-mail:

Respectable G/B Parents seek partner for daughter 30+y 5’2” slim fair pretty PhD Postdoctoral fellow USA caste immaterial.

Respectable parents near Colombo seek a tall good-looking educated partner for educated foreign graduate fluent in English, presently working, very pretty fair daughter 23+ 5’3” not willing to work after marriage. Preferably living in Perth, Australia. Contact 2787244 /

R/C parents in UK seek professionally qualified partner for daughter 27 yrs, 5’5” fair pretty Bio-Medical Science in Oxford University having Australian PR willing to migrate to Australia having assets in UK.

Sinhala Buddhist parents in Australia seek suitable partner for their pretty and slim legal professional daughter 24 years 5’4” in height. Australian residents preferred. Please reply to

Sinhala B/S/G doctor parents seek academically professionally qualified son (Preferably doctor, Pre-Intern or final year medical student) for their pretty slim fair daughter 23 years, 5’5” final year medical student in foreign University. Both elder brothers are Engineers working and residing in Australia. PR holders. Please reply with horoscope and family details.

Sinhala Govi Buddhist business parents seek professionally qualified suitable partner below 31, from a respectable family who respects Sinhala Buddhist values for their pretty daughter 24, 4’11”, B.Com graduated in Australia. Currently working in Australia. Reply with family details & horoscope. email:

Sinhala, Buddhist Govigama, professional parents seek a suitable son, professional or an educated, established businessman of repute, as the life time partner for only child, doctor in Govt. Service, 29 yrs. fair and attractive, 5’5” in height, kind hearted and educated in Colombo Schools. She inherits substantial assets over Rs. 70 million. Horoscope and family details at the earliest possible please.

Sinhalese Govi parents living in Colombo suburb, seek an educated partner in good standing for their Christian Lady Doctor (MBBS) daughter, eldest of two daughters, slim, 29 yrs, 5’3” educated at a leading girls’ school in Colombo. She is charming, well-accomplished and has no family encumbrances. Also she will inherit a substantial wealth from the Businessman father and Doctor mother. Please reply with time of birth.

Suitable partner sought by G/B mother for daughter Graduate Teacher 31 yrs, slim attractive fair, 5’2” tall. Inherits house. H/C required




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