The Lankasri of Sri Lanka


Lankasri is a trade name used by the Sri Lankan Tamil people whenever they put up a site that deals primarily with the wants and needs of the Tamil group in Sri Lanka and from Sri Lankans all over the world.

Once you search for the word Lankasri in any of the search engines, you will be directed to different kinds of sites varying from news and  public affairs, fm radio stations, social networking sites, games, movies, software downloads, advertisement…just to name a few. They even have a toolbar you can download so you can customize your toolbar and sync your searches with Lankasri searches.

How was the term Lankasri coined?

Lankasri is a word coined from Sri Lanka. If you turn Sri Lanka over, you get Lanka Sri. It is not clear how and who started this term but now it is used to identify sites that offer all kinds of goods and all kinds of services for the Tamil group.

On the other hand, Lanka is Sanskrit for island. In the Hindu epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, Lanka is the name given to the island fortress of King Ravana, a legendary king of the Hindu mythologies.

Based on the texts found there actually is an island that fits the description and location written on the Hindu epics, and this island is what Sri Lanka is now. However, much scholarly debate still goes around about the exactness of the claim because other scholars would attest that the island being depicted in the epics would be somewhere in the Indian Ocean where long ago a high mountain called Maldives stood before getting submerged in the Indian Ocean.

What is Lankasri all about?

Lankasri is all about everything related to Sri Lankans, specifically, the Tamil group. Thus, lankasriif you put up a site that fills their needs and wants, it is important that you include the term Lankasri to make your site easily searchable.

There are lots of interactive social sites that update the Sri Lankans about the latest state of politics, economy and government. They have also put up a page in FaceBook, where they can express their views and opinions.

Everything that is Lankasri offers goods and services to Sri Lankans all over the world. So, for example if you are a Sri Lankan who currently resides in the United States and you want to hear music from a radio station located in Sri Lanka, then you can search for it by typing Lankasri FM and you will be given options of different radio sites.

This type of specific keyword search applies to every search you do about Sri Lanka and its people.

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